Once upon a time… a question.

What if the story shapes every part of the book - from design, production, promotion and distribution?

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Boz Publications is an adventure in storytelling and imagery. We place the voice of the artist at the centre of the design. By throwing away a template model, we allow the story’s heartbeat to craft how your dream appears on the page.

Our passion for bespoke publications is evident in the care and attention given to the smallest of details. The first touch of a front cover stirs anticipation. A page turn of textured paper invites the reader to discover more. The choice of typography and internal layout leads imagination deeper into the created world. And the use of aroma and technology draws upon the power of the human senses

The beauty of a bespoke publication doesn't end with print. There are infinite possibilities when crafting a personalised approach to packaging, distribution and promotion. The story can authentically shape every part of its journey.

Boz ethically produces all of its publications, from sustainable material to business practice. We can also support you in ethically navigating through promotion and distribution.

You do have a different story to tell - a collection of poems, artwork, research papers, storybook. A Special Edition may just be what you need to unlock its tale.

It will be a joy to partner with you in creating a work of art.




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