Beauty of craftsmanship

Jony Ive grew up in Chingford, a town on the northeast edge of London. His father was a silversmith who taught at the local college. ‘He’s a fantastic craftsman’, Ive recalled. ‘His Christmas gift to me would be one day of his time in his college worship, during the Christmas break when no one else was there, helping me make whatever I dreamed up’. The only condition was that Jony had to draw by hand what they planned to make. ‘I always understood the beauty of things made by hand. I came to realise that what was really important was the care that was put into it. What I really despise is when I sense some carelessness in a product’....
— Steve Jobs Biography

A story of an attention to learning, from a parent to a child.

A story from a craftsman, that learnt the beauty of care and attention.

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