Freame, Barclays And The Quaker Advice

In light of the recent news concerning Barclays Bank, I am mindful of the "Quaker Advices" given in 1688 that helped mould a business idea that John Freame and Thomas Gould had concerning setting up a banking system on Lombard Street, London - an idea that eventually was named"Barclays". These "Quaker Advices" were guidelines fashioned by the collective Quaker community as they shared their practice of demonstrating their faith in all aspects of their life. One such advice was the following: 

..that none launch into trading and worldly business beyond what they can manage honourably and with reputation; so that they may keep their words with all men, that their yea may prove yea indeed, and their nay, nay.

John Freame later went on to publish a series of writings entitled "Scripture Instruction: Digested into Several Sections by Way of Questions & Answers in Order to Promote Piety & Virtue, and Discourage Vice & Immorality, with a Preface Relating to Education". Originally penned for his own children, he was encouraged to publicly publish his writings due to his position within the banking community and the social responsibility that his business carried.