Imagining another world

Another news story hits our press today about a utility company and their price increase. When our energy structure is based upon the primary goal of shareholder wealth, these stories will continue regardless of the rationale for any increase.  

I am reminded of a letter to the Daily News, dated 8th March 1921, where George Cadbury (the famous Quaker philanthropist) reminisced:


Some sixty years ago a large majority of the Birmingham City Council were non-progressive. There were no parks, no free libraries, and only one bath. The gas and water undertakings were monopolies carried on for private gain. This state of things were absolutely changed in a very few years….


In a short space of time, an eclectic group of people fleshed out practical ways of operating business that was founded upon a land of equality and ethical lifestyle. Where the appreciation of creations resource was not based upon selfish gain or shareholder wealth, but the value of the 'common good'. Not all their models worked, but they did bring the alternative economy of the ‘impossible and unseen’ into vivid reality; pointing to the achievable possibility of doing something differently... for the better.


Yes, another news story takes its headline moment.

And yes, another vivid reminder that our pilgrimage of faith is one of prophetic imagination, where our steps craft out a different kingdom which is slowly but surely emerging into reality.