Simplicity of love, compassion and humility

If you’ll pardon the injection of a personal note at this time… but there are two or three things that flashed into my mind on which it would be fitting to lay a little emphasis. One is the simplicity of our program. Let’s not louse it all up with Freudian complexes and things that are interesting to the scientific mind but have very little to do with our actual AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) work....

Our Twelve Steps, when simmered down to the last, resolve themselves into the words ‘love’ and ‘service’. We understand what love is and we understand what service is. So let’s bear those two things in mind.
Let us also remember to guard that erring member, the tongue, and if we must use it, let’s use it with kindness and consideration and tolerance. And one more thing, none of us would be here today if somebody hadn’t taken time to explain things to us, to give us a little pat on the back, to take us to a meeting or two, to have done numerous little, kind, and thoughtful acts on our behalf. So let us never get the degree of smug complacency so that we’re not willing to extend or attempt to that help that has been so beneficial to us, to our less fortunate brothers.
— Dr. Bob and Bill W. Speak: AA’s Co-founders tell their stories.

A snippet from Dr. Bob’s speech at the first Alcoholics Anonymous International Convention in 1950.

It was a speech that lasted just under four minutes, yet has never finished reminding us of the power that resides within the simplicity of love, compassion and humility.


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