Here comes the flood

The future is a dance between what we see, and what is beyond our own expectation and imagination. As John Caputo once said in his book ‘On Religion’, for the seeable future, we need

a good mind, a decent computer, and horse sense.

For the future unforeseen,

that will take us by surprise, that will come like a thief in the night and shatter the comfortable horizons of expectation that surround the present… for that future, we need hope, faith and love.

It doesn’t take too much logic or even imagination to see that there is a flood coming. Whether through the tide of changes within morality, ethics, ecology, or a consumeristic system that has come up short and wanting. The future can seem daunting, particularly when it starts to hit our own way of life and comfort zones.

But, there is an unforeseeable future that calls upon dreamers to embrace a world of hope, faith and love. It is a future that challenges the myths we tell and the propaganda of self interest. It is a future that is beyond our imagination, yet we can catch glimpses of it through a dimly lit window. It is a future that is at hand, which a Saviour and Prophet two thousand years ago kept pointing towards.

If there ever was a time for pilgrims of faith to voice their dream filled journeys, it is now. There is a flood coming, but it’s not like how we are imagining it. The revival voice of hope, faith and love must be declared. So:

drink up, dreamers, you’re running dry.

Because now our dreams must be lived out in ways not seen before.