We will not keep silent


We are people who must sing you, for the sake of our very lives.

You are a God who must be sung by us, for the sake of your majesty and honour.

And so we thank you,

For lyrics that push us past our reasons,

For melodies that break open our givens,

For cadences that locate us home,

Beyond all our safe places,

For tones and tunes that open our lives beyond control and our futures beyond despair.

We thank you for the long parade of mothers and fathers who have sung you deep and true;

We thank you for the good company of artists, poets, musicians, cantors, and instruments that sing for us and with us, toward you.

We are witnesses to your mercy and splendour;

We will not keep silent… ever again. Amen.


Walter Brueggemann: 20th January 1999.