Be curious. Endlessly curious.


I am a very lucky person. I had parents and an older brother who taught me two things that I have found incredibly useful:
1: Be curious. Endlessly curious. Go on asking questions. Never stop wondering why. Or how. Or when. Or where. Never stop wondering why or how one thing links to another. How something changed. How one thing turned into another. How something died out. How something else started up. Be curious, they said.
2: Anything out there, any knowledge, any culture, anything going on, can be yours, they said. You are entitled to find out about it, enjoy it, go there, do it, be it. There are no walls, nothing is too posh, or too un-posh, nothing is too highbrow or lowbrow. Don’t let anyone block you off from any of it. Don’t block yourself off from any of it. Just give yourself a chance with any of it. Give it a go.


Wonderful introduction to Michael Rosen's book 'Good ideas: how to be your child’s (and your own) best teacher'. You can also read here the recent Guardian article 'Why curiosity is the key to life'

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