Beauty Of The Now

Over the last couple of years, with this dear friend, I’ve had the joy of hearing artists at the prime of their craft. These concerts always carry the whispers in the air that “maybe, it’s the final round before retirement,” but these soon disappear when they play the first chord. A craftsperson has a way of doing that. There’s no reliance upon fancy gimmicks and elaborate stage shows - just their presence, subtle lighting and a band of fellow crafters. 

But this concert added a new element. The old master told his tale. A tale about his journey of learning his craft and the not-so-glamorous path of following any dream. He showed appreciation for what was before. The sofa-surfing, hitchhiking and endless moments of walking with a bag and guitar case. And thankfulness of where that journey has now taken him. Maybe that’s why he performed a little surprise magic after the show should've ended. 

For someone who is today lugging an IKEA bag full of books around London (complete with strange looks), it's a helpful reminder to savour these moments. Not that I'm expecting to do a talk in the O2, but sometimes it's easy to look ahead and not notice the beauty of the ‘now’.

Andy Smithyman