Paradox has my name at the bottom of the book. But as with any story, the creation is rarely from the author alone.

Collaboration is at the heart of this book. Every aspect of the content, design, production and promotion carries the fingerprints of many lives. As I begin to take this book onto the public stage, I will get a chance to tell a few stories about this crazy journey.

And then something else will happen.

Paradox will morph into a tale I have no outline for. That’s the beauty of stories - they are never the exclusive right for the author alone. The reader crafts the next chapter. Collaboration leads to the unknown. Uncharted. The mysterious world of imagination.

An adventure.

For us all.

Pre-orders go live in a couple of weeks with a few special offers. Until then, I have linked below a sample of a three chapters for you to enjoy. You will see a couple of illustrations by the artist Ollie Mann. His artwork took Paradox to a different level.

There are eighteen drawings inside the Limited Edition Hardback and Paperback. (Psst... The Hardback also has a few extra surprises with it).

Hope you enjoy the chapters.

Andy Smithyman