Collaborative Creativity.

‘Creativity is a collaboration between artist and audience.’

A thought-provoking statement.

It teaches me not to become that ‘creative peacock’, strutting around as though what I have formed is a wonder to behold.

Anything created has within its creation the marks of the past, present and future; because what I see is not formed from just my eyes.

Paradox is a book with page 413 stating ‘the end.’

And yet, as this Paradox Sketches Tour continues, I am learning to appreciate the extra words forming beyond the cover.

But even then, it’s very easy to think of creation as a physical product. This journey is teaching me that this story is more than a book. And I’m not the one writing it.

Yes, creativity is a collaboration between artist and audience. But creativity also lets us into an ancient wisdom - it's often hard to distinguish between artist and audience. And rightly so.