Embrace The World Of Your Inner Child

"As children, we are driven by our inner desires to learn, to discover and to help others. But as we grow, we are programmed by our society to need extrinsic motivations: if we take out the trash, study hard and work tirelessly, we will be rewarded with friendly praise, high grades and good paychecks. Slowly, we lose more and more of our intrinsic motivation (finds the very action fulfilling, no further reward is necessary). On the path towards adulthood, our natural dedication decreases with age."

"Children often demonstrate great dedication in striving towards small goals: they romp about with great curiosity and sample everything possible in an attempt to understand the world. It is with great pleasure that they employ their hands, mouth, eyes and ears to learn about anything, whether observing butterflies or learning to stack cans. They are intrinsically motivated to a high degree. Over the years, however, they change: their urge to search for challenges and novelties lessens. Little by little, they cease to further their skills themselves. So what happens to their motivation? Intrinsic motivation is gradually lost as a person is confronted with a world in which everything relies on extrinsic motivation"

Two abbreviated quotes from Daniel Pink’s book, Drive.

Andy Smithyman