From "I don't have time" to "That's not my priority."

I love how these four words have held a mirror up to my weakness. How often have I flippantly used that statement and unconsciously communicated a priority on how I am shaping my life? Family, friends, spiritual health, work, writing; every area continues to reflect itself in that mirror.


"Recently, I’ve tried to stop saying, “I don’t have time.” It insinuates that I’m a helpless victim to the all-powerful stream of hours that mightily passes me by. It’s easy to adopt an “Oh well” attitude to what you’re giving up. It authorises my apathy.

Instead, I’ve replaced it with the phrase, “That’s not a priority.” Suddenly, I’ve taken control of my own decisions. I’ve taken responsibility for what I do and don’t do. I’ve added clarity, condemnation, and encouragement, all in 4 short words."

(Dan Mall: I don't have time)