New Book Update #3

I find writing magical.

The doorway it leads me through defies imagination, and continually presses upon my heart to trust the hand of creativity. In a world where I replace so much wonder with the surety of systems and order. It is great reminder that beyond initial sight, there is a beauty that is walked into by stepping off the boat of reason.

Unlike the other books I have written, this new venture is a novel. With it, I have been able to play around with history and the present day in such a childlike way. I have been surprised how often, in the past, I have suppressed the wonder of childlike eyes with the surety of knowledge and theory. If there has been anything this book has taught me in its crafting, it’s that physical age should never loose the embrace of a childlike spirit. It’s the only way to truly see the world around.

July saw the completion of the first draft. August was a month off. September launched the re-write. 

Of all the stages in writing, the re-write is the part I enjoy the most. The pressure is off. The plot line, characters and direction are all complete. Now is the time to play. It may sound strange, but the idea of taking what I have already formed and then pull it apart, taps into my passion for craftsmanship. I have time to labour over how one character speaks to another. Explore the sights and smells of a location, and reimagine a plot device through a different lens.

I have set aside four months for this, before it lands in front of an editor. Fun times ahead.

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