Paradox Blurb

I’ve written a book, but what’s it about?

The short version… Paradox is a re-imagination of A Christmas Carol with a bit of Stephen King thrown in.

As for the extended version... well that’s a different tale to tell and one that reveals an inner conflict.

When it comes to the promotional material for Paradox, I have a struggle. One side of me knows that a carefully worded blurb will capture some of the searchable keywords and phrases that potential buyers type into their favourite shopping site. My other side then calls out the illusion and spin for such exaggerated hype. Do I really need to use so many superlatives in my blurb then draw upon comparisons to famous authors?

Frustratingly, the answer is both yes and no.

I find it all too easy to make this book into something it’s not because Paradox represents more than just a few years work. Part of my identity is wrapped up in its creation. I want people to read the book. Enjoy it. Talk about it. Make me feel that the years have been worth it. Because of that, any hack to get it into the sightline of people seems reasonable. And that’s where I could lose the very thing I’m holding onto with every ounce of my being.




Below, is the blurb going up on my website, book sites and various databases. It’s evident that I’m drawing upon a few tricks of the trade, but I’ve also attempted to hold onto the reasons for writing this book. Have I succeeded in finding that balance? We’ll see.

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A love-stained memory haunts Samuel Abrahams. Locked away, with chains of shame. All it takes is a postcard to turn his world inside out. And a message from someone he's worked hard to forget.

"The Twins are here. The Twins are real. The Twins are right in front of you."

Paradox is an inspiring re-imagination of A Christmas Carol. This page-turning adventure travels between present day and Victorian Britain, as a mysterious shadow flings Abrahams into an unknown but strangely familiar world. The place he calls home, London, has transformed itself into the living stories from Charles Dickens. But nothing is what it seems in this richly layered thriller.

Dan Brown introduced the world to Da Vinci's hidden code. In Paradox, the intriguing web of Dickens is revealed. Behind every tale from the Victorian author is a clue as to why Abrahams has the feeling of Déjà vu. He doesn't know who to trust as he weaves through the provocative back-story of Oliver Twist. A familiar character from Hard Times has a disturbing look in their eyes, and a card dealing Fun Fair owner from The Chimes carries an unspoken fear. As Abrahams pieces the clues together, he uncovers a twisted game that is as old as time itself.

And a message.

From Dickens.

"The Twins are here. The Twins are real. The Twins are right in front of you."

Paradox is more than just a Fantasy Thriller. It's a Social Thriller.

This compelling tale shows the Dickensian landscape of poverty and social injustice is still in existence today. Education, Welfare, Housing and Healthcare are just some of the themes connecting the Victorian world to the present day. But leave all assumptions aside. The message from Dickens carries a surprising twist for the world today.

Perfect for fans of James Patterson, Stephen King and Neil Gaiman - Paradox brings similar pace, imagination and brilliant characterisation to the page.

(Released: December 2018)

Andy Smithyman