Sketches Tour: Update

It’s been a busy few weeks with The Paradox Sketches Tour. Not that it’s a toil. I get to enjoy food. Drink wine. And meet new friends. Makes up for this introvert having to take centre stage!

The thing about being an introvert is that when I do venture into the public realm, the world seems full of questions. Did I come across ok? Was my content strong enough? Did people enjoy it? But here’s the funny thing about stepping out of my comfort zone. This adventure has been one of the most affirming things I have ever done.


“...Yesterday I was lucky enough to be a part of Andy Smithyman's  Paradox Sketches Tour - I hosted a book club with a group of friends. Andy gave us an insightful presentation followed by a captivating reading. We discussed the book around the dinner table, over wine and food. What better way to spend a Sunday evening?

I would highly recommend anyone to take part and host a book club - it is a special experience and enables layers of interesting conversation around important topics.

My two main takeaways from the discussion are:

The idea of provocation; popping our own bubble of ignorance and the importance of continually working on this. This deeply resonated with everyone around the table, leaving us all considering our ignorance and hypocrisies.

The other is the idea of seeing and observing. We see, but do we really observe?  We talked about this considering the world (and its injustices) around us...

The evening led me to thinking about this idea in relation to books. With an insight into the mind and thoughts of the author, I feel I have a deeper understanding of the intricate and multi-layered nature of Paradox. It's left me wanting to pay extra attention to the words and hidden messages. Which has me wondering, how many books have I read where I've seen the words, but I haven't really observed what's beneath them?

Thanks Andy for a special and thought-provoking evening.”

It’s one thing writing a book. Another, talking about it with a gap between stage and audience. But when this gap is removed... it’s an adventure I wouldn’t want any other way.