Spot It A Mile Off

Something to think about... because George Orwell believed everything was at stake, he delayed crucial medical care to finish writing ‘1984’.

Six months later, he died. 

Reading through some of his notes and observations from friends, illness did sharpen the content of 1984. In previous works, he rarely pulled any punches, but in this case, all literature gloves were off. Time was short. 

Arguments continue as to whether his decision was wise - ‘just think of the books he could've written’ versus ‘but the very nature of his decision made the book into what it is’. Those debates will continue, but it's clear that today, his 70-year-old prophecy still holds up with its insightful critic about how we live. 

The anniversary of 1984 has made me think about the words we, I, craft. It’s easy to deliver ‘weak’ words - fill the airwaves with phrases that carry little or no impact and cost. But to craft a sentence from a trembling heart due to its hidden backstory, calls on the person to dig deep into what they truly believe. 

That sentence doesn't need to be full of words; it could be an act of compassion towards a neighbour, work colleague or pupil. For others, it might frame itself around solidarity act for justice or involve a decision which impacts the bank balance, work or home location. 

'Weak’ words verses (...?) words. It's hard to find the right description to capture such worth. But you can spot it a mile off when you hear its voice.

Andy Smithyman