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Quietness, the think tank of the soul


I really appreciated Hempton’s take on the importance of ‘quietness’ within our lives.


Quietness is not the absence of sound, but the absence of noise. Sound is a central way for us to navigate our way throughout the world.
Quietness is the think tank of the soul.
Quietness is not a luxury, but an essential.
Let silence exist.


Andy Smithymaninterview
Not knowing is much more exciting than knowing


Dr. Krauss: I mean, I have speculations. I have ideas and so do other theorists. I always hope I'm wrong. I've often said the two greatest states to be in if you're a scientist is either wrong or confused, and I'm often both.

Ms. Tippett: Yes, and in a positive way, you talk about that as beautiful and mystery is a word that's absolutely part of your vocabulary.

Dr. Krauss: Mysteries are what it's all about. In fact, not knowing is much more exciting than knowing, right? Because it means there's much more to learn. The search is often much more exciting than the finding. Mysteries are what drive us as human beings. I think it's really what drives scientists.

Andy Smithymaninterview
God is the map whereby we locate the setting of our life

A wonderful interview that seems best summed up with the following quote:


 God is the map whereby we locate the setting of our life, that God is the water in which we launch our life raft, that God is the real thing from which and toward which we receive our being and identify ourselves. It follows that the kind of God at work in your life will determine the shape and quality and risk at the center of your existence. It matters who God is.