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Collaborative Creativity.

‘Creativity is a collaboration between artist and audience.’

A thought-provoking statement.

It teaches me not to become that ‘creative peacock’, strutting around as though what I have formed is a wonder to behold.

Anything created has within its creation the marks of the past, present and future; because what I see is not formed from just my eyes.

Paradox is a book with page 413 stating ‘the end.’

And yet, as this Paradox Sketches Tour continues, I am learning to appreciate the extra words forming beyond the cover.

But even then, it’s very easy to think of creation as a physical product. This journey is teaching me that this story is more than a book. And I’m not the one writing it.

Yes, creativity is a collaboration between artist and audience. But creativity also lets us into an ancient wisdom - it's often hard to distinguish between artist and audience. And rightly so.

Ipswich Calling


I’m doing the final prep’ for the next Paradox Sketches event. Ipswich is calling tonight.

Sketches is in its third month, and I'm still learning the ropes. Each event is different. On purpose. Trying new ‘lines.’ Adjusting each section; seeing what works or needs a little more attention.

But one thing has not altered.

This tour has been one of the most affirming spaces I’ve occupied. Not because of sales or reviews, but the awareness that this Dickensian narrative really does connect to the present.

For those who haven’t heard my ‘dulcet tones?’ Or dared venture into my ‘imagination on the page.’ My Paradox book (and tour) is suggesting that the Dickensian landscape of poverty and social injustice is still around today... just with a different language. At face value, you could think it’s a fully negative statement. But Dickens had a twist with his observations. His deliberate ‘pounding of the streets’ (where he placed himself in situations that forced him to observe what was happening around) turned his gaze to another side of that injustice.

The response.

And reimagination.

I’m not going to give away any more of that twist... I still want to sell the book and do the tour!


ps: if you want to host one of these events just let me know. Email me or connect through my website.