The Bard Lives On.

Whether 'the bard' was just one person or a collective of artists, the influence upon language still amazes me.


(A Selection of phrases we use today that were made famous by Shakespeare.) 

All that glitters is not gold. 

All's well that ends well. 

Beggar all description. 

Brave new world. 

Break the ice. 

Refuse to budge an inch. 

Catch a cold. 

Cold comfort. 

Come what come may. 

Dead as a doornail. 

Eaten me out of house and home. 

Elbow room. 

Faint hearted. 

Forever and a day. 

For goodness' sake. 

Foregone conclusion. 

Full circle. 

The game is afoot. 

The game is up. 

Heart of gold. 

Household words. 

In a pickle. 

In my heart of hearts. 

In my mind's eye. 

Knock knock! Who's there?

Laughing stock. 

Love is blind. 

Melted into thin air. 

Milk of human kindness. 

Naked truth.

Play fast and loose.

Pomp and circumstance. 

Pound of flesh. 

Seen better days. 

Sick at heart. 

Something in the wind. 

A sorry sight. 

Star-crossed lovers. 

The short and long of it. 

Too much of a good thing. 

Wear my heart upon my sleeve. 

The world's my oyster.

Andy Smithymanthoughts