The Paradox Sketches Tour

I’m about to start another part of this adventure.

It’s called ‘The Paradox Sketches Tour.’

But it’s not a typical book tour. I plan to travel with Paradox in a way which reflects the story and values behind its production. Not an easy task.

My idea adapts how Dickens sometimes toured with his writings. Imagine a house-concert but in literary form. The ‘host’ invites guests around their home or outside venue. We share food, drink, and I give a brief presentation about Paradox followed by a dramatic reading. We end with a Q&A and dialogue about the topics raised.

The size of the group doesn’t matter. One of the values I’ve always tried to hold onto with my writing is the importance of the individual, and that hasn’t changed with Paradox.

There are plenty of challenges with this approach, but that’s the exciting thing about something new. I will document this adventure as a bit of a travel log, taking you with me on this journey and where it leads.

If you are interested in hosting this type of event, please let me know. I would love to make this journey with you.

And in the words of Dickens, it’s now time for me to ‘pound the streets.’

Paradox Sketches Tour Sheet.jpg


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