Andy Smithyman writes books and gives the odd talk. He has an interest in social justice, with a coffee-stained Masters Degree certificate in Narrative Theory. Driven by a passion to hear the unheard voice, he is the author of a series of books examining the lesser-known stories behind cultural change - spoiler alert, it’s not always about the perfect hero. In amongst the craziness of raising kids, Andy continually seeks ways to re-imagine how a story is told. In 2018, he finally fell down the rabbit hole, setting up a different kind of publishing company for this curiouser and curiouser adventure. Random fact, he has a strange fascination with Dickens and any tale with a love and hate marmite ending.

Andy’s latest book is called PARADOX, released in December 2018. This Fantasy Thriller is a re-imagination of 'A Christmas Carol' set between the present day and Victorian Britain. It may or may not have a marmite ending.  


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