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Andy Smithyman writes books and gives the odd talk. He has an interest in social justice with a coffee-stained Masters Degree in Narrative Theory. Driven by a passion for hearing the unheard voice, he is the author of a series of books examining the lesser-known stories behind cultural change - spoiler alert; it’s not always about the perfect hero.

Always seeking ways to imaginatively tell stories, in 2018 Andy finally fell down the rabbit hole, setting up a different kind of publishing company. This 'curiouser and curiouser' venture pushes the boundaries of bespoke print alongside ethical production, distribution and promotion.

Andy’s latest book is called PARADOX. This Fiction Social Thriller is a re-imagination of ‘A Christmas Carol’ set between the present day and Victorian Britain. Drawing upon how Dickens blended social commentary with fictional creativity, Paradox refocuses attention onto an inspiring movement of redemptive change happening all around us. But with a twist.

The accompanying tour redefines the format of book promotions. Set within homes and creative spaces, each event invites people to explore the world of Paradox in the present day, alongside the opportunity of quizzing the author in their writing process. It’s a unique experience.

Andy is also a story-telling alchemist to business and community ventures. This imaginative approach helps organisations express their authentic storyline. Drawing upon his eclectic years in the creative and business landscapes, Andy crafts a bespoke partnership for the client to achieve their goals. This could include project management, one-day workshops or long-term advisory roles.




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