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The Paradox Sketches Tour

Over 180 years ago, Charles Dickens introduced the world to a collection of writings. It was called, 'Sketches by Boz'. Written under a pseudonym, he wanted the reader to hear his real-life adventure into a world within a world; a journey where he came face to face with THE TWINS.

As the years passed by, Dickens never forgot that journey. 'Sketches' lived on through his stories and tours. His book readings were more than a promotional tool. He encouraged people to share their observations about the hidden but visible world. To observe and not just see. And in the background, standing in the shadows were The Twins. His travelling companions. His guides and nightmares.

THE PARADOX SKETCHES TOUR is my attempt at following that Path.

Each event is bespoke, framed around the location and the people present. It is a place where conversations take place, sometimes over food or drink. The evening will begin with a brief, dramatic presentation about Paradox and the story behind it. A short reading follows before discussion about the themes raised.

There is no need beforehand for people to have read or purchased the book.

Paradox will be on sale during the evening. 

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