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The history of the British Isles is rich with accounts of social transformation rooted in faith. Whilst remaining keenly aware that there are differing definitions and opinions regarding what constitutes “revival”, author and respected revival researcher/historian Andy Smithyman explores the threads common to all revivals and looks at how they subtly and seamlessly work together to create culture change.

Likening a revival to a musical symphony, Andy presents the individual “notes” that harmonise together to form the whole. From it we learn the essential ingredients that all dreamers of change must focus on - including some elements which may surprise some.


Published by River Publishing & Media Ltd

Revival's Symphony (paperback)
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Revival's Symphony (e-book)
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Drawing from years of research into historic social transformation, Andy Smithyman turns the spotlight away from the characters that are so familiar to us and focuses on the lesser-known individuals who, through simple acts of devotion, were equally used to bring about change through faith.

This short collection of devotional-style readings for those of us who, at times, have wondered whether what we have to contribute is really that valuable.


Published by Integrity Media Europe

Extra Ordinary Miracles (paperback)
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