Free Kindle Version of Paradox

Free Kindle Version of Paradox

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Free Kindle version of Paradox: Wish You were(n’t) Here.

Part of the pre-order special offer.

Instructions to add Paradox to your Kindle:

  • Turn your Kindle on.

  • Connect the Kindle to your computer via a USB cable.

  • Drag and drop the “.mobi” Ebook file into the documents folder on your Kindle.

  • When the USB activity indicator on your Kindle stops flashing, “Safely Remove Mass Storage Device (Windows) or “Eject” (Mac) the Kindle from your computer.

  • Paradox should now appear in your Kindle library.

Or you can use the Send to Kindle option.

  • Go to your Kindle Personal Documents Settings page.

  • Under Approved Personal Document E-mail List, add your email address.

  • Under Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings, find and record your Kindle's email address. This address should end in

  • Attach the .mobi Ebook file to an email, send it to your Kindle's email address.

  • Paradox should appear in your Kindle library.

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